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1971. Larry Sportello - better referred to as Doc - is a pot head hippie personal eye primarily based in Gordita Beach in southern California. He is approached by way of ex-lover Shasta Fay Hempworth, who believes her modern-day boyfriend, married land developer Mickey Wolfmann, is the goal of an abduction try by way of his spouse and her lover. In supporting Shasta, Doc no longer handiest is going on a look for Wolfmann, however others who go missing, inclusive of Shasta, and one who's assumed to be murdered. Along the manner, Doc receives concerned with a crazy solid of characters and a big selection of issues from politics, cults, prostitution, the drug exchange and dentistry, much of it surrounding the mysterious "Golden Fang". Along for maximum of the journey is LAPD detective Christian Bjornsen - Bigfoot to most who realize him - who's straight-laced at the outdoor, but who has a darkish underside, which is supported via a hefty remedy bill.






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