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Spartacus, a Thracian slave, refuses to allow himself to emerge as the animal the Roman civilization could have him be. His love for Varinia, a slave woman, coupled together with his revulsion on the crushing remedy and callous murders of his fellow slaves, ignite in his breast a passion for freedom. They get away and are joined with the aid of greater runaways, and swell to grow to be a vast military. Contrasted with their impassioned plans for open rise up are the cool, calculating minds of their Roman adversaries Crassus, Grachus and Batiatus. To Rome, a poorly equipped navy of slaves are not any greater threatening than the invasion of insects which attack the metropolis at some point of the recent, humid seasons. The slaves' cries for freedom and their undertaking could be however a more diversion from the musty political affairs. And so, in a chilling engagement, the superior military would possibly of Rome proceeds to overwhelm the military of Spartacus.






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